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Coaching Options and Services

Cycling Performance Coaching is run exclusively using TrainingPeaks and WKO5. TrainingPeaks uses advanced analytical software to allow coaches to work with athletes in a user friendly format. We offer two different levels of service which are billed on a monthly basis (AUD). An athlete has the right to alternate between the two levels of service on a monthly basis.

Every session is created from scratch by CPC Head Coach, Sam Hill. Cycling and coaching are Sam's number one focus. This is why you can be guaranteed that your sessions, questions and concerns will be dealt with as a priority and in a timely manner.

Please inquire about our pricing scheme if you have any questions. 

Winning Bathurst
Sam Hill Winning



$260 per month

  1. Initial setup call

  2. Daily coaching program

  3. Annual training plan

  4. Power profile testing

  5. TrainingPeaks account (premium)

  6. Regular contact via text message

  7. Analytical feedback on training sessions

  8. Four-weekly calls to discuss progress and satisfaction of program

  9. Optional monitored resting heart-rate & heart rate variability (HRV)

$450 per month

  1. Initial setup call

  2. Daily coaching program

  3. Annual training plan

  4. Power profile testing

  5. TrainingPeaks account (premium)

  6. Frequent contact via text message

  7. Regular analytical feedback on training sessions

  8. Unlimited contact between athlete and coach. This includes fortnightly calls

  9. Optional monitored resting heart-rate & heart rate variability (HRV)

  10. Daily monitored nutrition with a plan to optimize weight

  11. Advice on racing, equipment and information on further ergogenic aids that CPC has access to

  12. Tailor made strength and conditioning program

Try our new assistant coach: Oli Stenning - $200p/m


Oli also offers our Gold Service, but for a reduced price of $200 per month


Oli is an experienced, semi-professional cyclist who has used TrainingPeaks for several years. He recently graduated from the University of Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. His results on the road and in Triathlon speaks for itself. Oli's coaching ethos aligns closely with our principles at CPC, supportive, constructive and science-based. He is an excellent option to help you reach your cycling goals at a highly competitive price.

Junior Discount Details:

junior discount.jpeg

Junior riders who are competing in the U17 category and younger are eligible for discounted coaching rates! 

Please do not hesistate to reach out about this discount. The percentage of the discount varies from coach to coach.

GOLD: $260

This is our opening package. It allows athletes to have optimal preparation for their main goals of the season with an annual training plan. This will have you peaking at the right time so you have the very best chance of achieving your goals. You can watch yourself progress week in and week out with our daily coaching program. These sessions are tailored to the athlete. Every session you complete is a step in the right direction to get you to where you need to be.

You will also receive a call every 4 weeks. The call will be casual in nature, with no set agenda. However, this is a good chance to tell your coach how your week has been and how you are coping mentally and physically with the training.

 You will also receive analytical feedback on key sessions and optional daily monitoring of your HRV (heart rate variability). Put simply, this is a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat. However, it tells us much more. It is a helpful tool in measuring stress levels and fatigue. 

Session Analysis

Feature of Today's Plan & CPC Gold Package

Todays Plan Analysis

Session Planner

Feature of Today's Plan & CPC Gold Package

season planner todays PLan

HRV Monitoring

Feature of CPC Gold Package

Heart Rate Variability

Load Chart

Feature of Today's Plan & CPC Gold Package

Todays Plan load chart


This is our premium coaching package: Platinum. 

The Platinum coaching package is for athletes who have no reservations in striving to reach their maximum potential in cycling. This coaching service is for highly motivated athletes who are able to commit to cycling training, gym training and track intake of calories on a frequent basis.

In addition to our previous two packages, you will receive daily monitored nutrition.  Daily monitored nutrition will be conducted using software from MyFitnessPal, and will guarantee that you reach your optimal weight. Food intake will be analysed and assessed with feedback given during the weekly phone call. Athletes may opt in to receive a DEXA Scan which will be further analysed with feedback. This is at an additional cost to the athlete.

When you sign up for our Platinum coaching service, you will also receive science based & anecdotal advice on everything cycling related e.g. race tactics, equipment, and pacing strategies. You will also receive unlimited contact between athlete and coach. Frequent, effective communication between the athlete and the coach is essential for staying consistent with training. You may organise calls in addition to the weekly coaching call. You may also send text messages, day or night, with the guarantee your message will be answered within 24 hours.

The strength and conditioning program is specifically designed for cyclists. It takes an evidence based approach to improving performance, rather than a generic gym program that you could find online. There is solid evidence linking strength training with increasing cycling performance. A strength and conditioning program is an important factor in reaching your maximum capabilities as a cyclist.

Strength and Conditioning Program

Feature of CPC Platinum Package

Strength Conditioning training

Guaranteed Weight Optimisation

Feature of CPC Platinum Package

MyFitnessPal CPC
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