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Hear from our satisfied clients:

Coaching Client

'Sam lives and breathes cycling which is a fundamental part of why I can trust him as a coach and the process and knowledge he brings.

He is regularly giving feedback on your progress, adapting where it needs to and most importantly explains why we are doing this way to achieve our goals.

He has been able to adapt the program to my lifestyle and schedule to still reach our goals.


I would recommend Cycling Performance Coaching to anyone looking to get ahead in their cycling endeavours'


Coaching client

'Cycling Performance Coaching offers effective and flexible coaching suited to the changing needs of the modern cyclist.

I am very happy with how I am progressing towards my main goals for the season'


Coaching client

'The Cycling Performance Coaching program is incredible!

I have learned so much about myself on & off the bike in such a short time thanks to Sam and his training techniques.

A healthy and easy-going lifestyle is so important to me and the Cycling Performance Coaching program helps deliver that. I look forward to working with Sam as my coach in the future as we continue to grow stronger as a team'


Josh Walker

'As a very keen cyclist with a busy work and family life, I was always left wondering whether the time I had to commit to cycling was spent wisely to improve my performance. Often I was second guessing preparation and went into competition feeling over or under done. After thinking on it and a recommendation from a friend I reached out to Sam for help. Sam has been nothing but supportive and encouraging, I have a renewed love for the sport and competition. The only mistake I made was not reaching out sooner'

Jamie Atkinson: Platinum Client

Working with Sam the last 9 months has been eye opening to say the least. Shooting through goals way quicker than ever expected or doing it by myself and falling into a rut.
Nurturing through serious illness and getting way better on the other side is such an impressive feet for Sam and one that many people on Zwift and the like that follow me have commented on.
For that I thank you Sam. In this 8 months I have gone from never riding my bike (of which I use to do at least 18 hours a week about 20 years ago) to doing 11.5 hours and have gained massive fitness benefits.
LOL as a 57 year old to be shortly I am a spritely 20 year old according to Garmin. Racing virtually, being on a team, its really mind blowing what such guidance Sam has brought me and achievements I have accomplished.
I cant wait for 2024 and what Sam can lead me to. Hopefully a competitive Macquarie & Hunter Classic. My Hat off to you Sam!! Just an amazing person.

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